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Organizing conferences can be a lot of work.  If you are passionate about helping first responders and would like to contribute your strengths to helping our mission, we would love to speak with you.  Please fill out our volunteer form below and we will contact you soon.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Descriptions

If you are interested in one of these position’s, please make sure to note this when completing the online form.  All of these positions can be done from the comfort of your own home and may require phone calls, emails or both.


This person will research 1st Responder agencies in the areas we will be having our conferences and then send information to them about the conference.  Our marketing coordinator will work with you with and provide all of the information you will need.


This person will research items to go into our swag bags, submit donation requests and make follow up calls to requested organizations.


This person has experience with grant writing who can help locate and/or submit grants. The focus would be for bringing the conferences to locations around the country but could be for any assistance available that we qualify for in helping first responders.


This person would help locate and vet grants that we would qualify and apply for.


This person has fundraising experience to help direct each conference location on their efforts, plus potentially holding a fundraising event to benefit 1st Responder Conferences and their mission.


This person will create electronic certificates and send them to attendees who require proof of attendance.


This person will work with our Founder on finding catering, food/beverage donations and will work with the venue coordinator to make sure we have enough food at the conference.  This job entails emails and phone conversations with Shawn and the person in charge at the venue facility.


This person would locate and coordinate items for Swag Bags for each conference on a national level. Finding businesses who would like to contribute to one or more conferences and provide fun and useful items for the bags given to each attendee. The ideal volunteer would have daytime availability to make phone calls & follow up with contacts. This person would be assigned to the Donations Team & work in tandem with the National Donations Coordinator. 

This person will research items to go into our swag bags, submit donation requests and make follow up calls to requested organizations.

This person would help locate, verify and put together a list of resources for health and wellness available to first responders. Would start with each conference location and eventually for every state.

This person would help on a national level by working with each conference coordinator on how to market for their conferences. Also assist the national team on marketing overall.

If you are interested in helping bring Health and Wellness to 1st Responders and have time to give for this cause, please fill out our online form or
or contact Volunteer Coordinator Lori at if you have any questions.

Once again, we want to Thank You for wanting to help us continue making our conferences grow and continue to help our 1st Responders, Veterans, Military members & their loved ones.


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Thank you for supporting our everyday heroes!

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